Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Brown
Manga Debut Chapter 157 The Ninja, the Demon, and the Red Horns
Anime Debut Episode 75 SOLITUDE

Kihara is Kiri Katō's middle school friend.


Back in Kiri's middle school, Kihara found himself a victim of bullying. He consulted Kiri about the bullying so Kiri, thinking it was the right idea, told Kihara to report to their homeroom teacher. However, it turned out for the worst when their homeroom teacher Daijirō Kutsuwa gave no help at all and instead, terrorized Kihara which caused him to transfer to another school.


He has short, messy brown hair and black coloured pupils. There is nothing unique about his school uniform.


Kihara is a kind and weak willed character described by Kiri since he was a victim of bullying and caved in easily during Daijirō's intimidation.


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