Kigurumi Break, Part 2

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Kanji きぐるみぶれいく後編
Romaji Kigurumi bureiku kōhen
Volume Volume 9
Anime Episode 38
Remi Misora (Recap), Bossun, Himeko, Switch


Executing the plan, Bossun has Switch aim his magnifying glass at the match. As the match is lit, Bossun attempts to grab a fan, in order for the fan to catch on fire upon contact with the match. When that fails, Bossun has Himeko's pompoms lit on fire. After Himeko's pompoms' flames melt the magnets from its casing, Bossun notices part of the shed is on fire. Bossun tries to pick up the magnets with the prop sword. However, it turns out the sword is made of aluminum. As Bossun tries using the fishing rod, the shed explodes due to toy dynamites. The show continues with Bossun and the others dancing in their burnt costumes.