Kigurumi Break, Part 1

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Kanji きぐるみぶれいく前編
Romaji Kigurumi bureiku zenpen
Volume Volume 9
Anime Episode 38
Remi Misora, Bossun, Himeko, Switch


When Remi Misora receives a call from a producer from the Can Mommy Come Too? TV show, Bossun and his crew volunteers to help Remi out. After a grueling rehearsal, the Sket Dan take a break in a shack full of old memorabilia. Suddenly, the door is locked from the outside by a staff. Bossun realizes that they have went into the wrong warehouse. Now, the Sket Dan are trapped inside. Since their costumes cannot allow them to use their hands, Bossun formulates a plan to use some office supplies and props to open the door.