Kezuka Sensei
Birthday November 13
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 171 cm.
Weight 74 kg.
Occupation Teacher
Manga Debut Chapter 156
The Road Roman Takes
Anime Debut Episode 73
The Time I Fully Came to Know Peeping...
Seiyū Tomomichi Nishimura

Kezuka (手塚) is the advisor for Kaimei High School's two manga clubs. When Roman and Magata get into an argument over whether shōjo or shōnen manga is better, he appears to point out the good points of both types. Putting an emphasis on story rather than genre, he challenges each of them to create a short manga based on a topic of his choosing - and ends up choosing Roman's as the winner.


  • Both the kanji for his name and his appearance (with the addition of a tan) are identical to those of Osamu Tezuka.