Kaimei Rock Festival
Japanese Title カイメイ・ロック・フェスティバル
Kaimei rokku fesuteibaru
Volume 6
Release Date January 5, 2009
ISBN 978-4-08-874619-7
Pages 192
Previous Switch Off
Cover Characters
Switch, Bossun, Himeko
Characters Debuted
J-son, Kuroda, Geete, Ayano Sugisaki, Sacchin, Yoshie Shimizu, Seiji Igarashi, Enigman, Quecchon, Teruko

Kaimei Rock Festival (カイメイ・ロック・フェスティバル, Kaimei rokku fesuteibaru) is volume 6 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 45

Rocket Dance ~Encounter~ (ロケット・ダンス ~遭遇~, Roketto dansu sōgū)

The Sket Dance aid an alien, Tsubaki, to reclaim his home planet and to save his beloved wife, Mimori, from Agata and his pirates.

Chapter 46

100 Hairstyles in the Club Room (クラブルームで髪を切る100の方法, Kuraburūmu de kami o kiru 100 no hōhō)

When the Sket Dance get interview, Bossun asks Himeko to cut his hair.

Chapter 47

The Confounded Angel's Second Coming (過ちのエンジェル再臨, Ayamachi no enjeru sairin)

Dante asks the Sket Dan to help him win the love of a girl.

Chapter 48

The Great Marriage Interview Opera-son (お見合い大作ソン, Omiai daisaku-son)

J-son asks the Sket Dan to help him with his marriage interview.

Chapter 49

Kaimei Rock Festival (カイメイ・ロック・フェスティバル, Kaimei rokku fesuteibaru)

The Sket Dance enter the Kaimei Rock Festival. Each member of the Sket Dance are in a different band. Bossun meets Ayano, who teaches him on how to play the bass.

Chapter 50

Sketchbook (スケッチブック, Sukecchibūku)

Bad news hit the Sket Dance. Each of their band have disbanded due to various reasons. Bossun has the Sket Dan form their own band called the Sketchbook. Meanwhile, Ayano has difficulty in believing in her own abilities until Bossun gives her a killer pep talk.

Chapter 51

Funny Bunny

In the final part of the Kaimei Rock Festival arc, the Sket Dance play their songs for Ayano. Afterwards, Ayano thanks Bossun and departs to Germany.

Chapter 52

I Changed My Image-nyora✩ (イメチェンしたにょら✩, Imechenshita nyora✩)

The Sket Dance face a new Momoka. Can they change Momoka back to her old self?

Chapter 53

Quiz Warrior Enigman (クイズ戦士エニグマン, Kuizu senshi eniguman)

The Sket Dance face a new opponent. His name is Enigman, a mysterious character who loves challenging his opponents with hard riddles. Can Bossun and the others solve Enigman's riddles to win back Himeko's beloved Pelorin Doll?

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