Kaimei Rock Festival

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Kanji カイメイ・ロック・フェスティバル
Romaji Kaimei rokku fesuteibaru
Volume Volume 6
Anime Episode 16
Himeko, Bossun, Moe Yabasawa, Switch, Otakura, Ayano Sugisaki


As Himeko practices playing her guitar, Bossun gets curious, and Himeko informs him that she is doing this for the Kaimei Rock Festival where students form bands to compete. She explains that Moe is calling the band, Yabasawa Books, because her parents own a bookstore. Himeko points to Switch who is practicing the drums using his laptop. Switch is part of Otakura's band. As Himeko and Switch practice, Bossun feels left out. Himeko asks Bossun to try the guitar, and she is amazed how quickly Bossun has learned. Three days later, a student asks Bossun to join his band, and Bossun receives a bass from his band. Bossun and his Sket Dan crew realize that they are competing against each other.

Later, Bossun goes out to practice by himself when the noise in the Sket Dan is too loud. As he plays himself, Ayano asks Bossun to let her check his bass guitar. She tunes it to make it sound better. Bossun mentions that he knows Ayano and how she is a talented violinist who is going to study abroad in Germany. Ayano shares how scared as she is not confident in her skills. Bossun reassures her that she can do it. Ayano begins helping Bossun improve his skills by instructing him on the beat and rhythm. Later, Bossun sees Hime who is freaking out about Moe.


  • Bossun talks about One Piece manga.
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