Jin Kakiuchi
垣内 仁
Kakiuchi Jin
Birthday May 5
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Height 168 cm.
Weight 58 kg.
School Kaimei High School
Class 1-C (chapters 1-209)
2-? (chapters 210-present)
Likes Game centers
Dislikes Tachikawa High School delinquents
Manga Debut Chapter 79
Anime Debut Episode 43
Seiyū Kazuyuki Okitsu (anime)
Eiji Miyashita (drama CD)

Jin Kakiuchi (垣内 仁, Kakiuchi Jin) is a Kaimei High School student who falls in love with Himeko after she saves him from some delinquents. He appears to be friends with Minoru Sakura.


Jin has brown hair and green eyes. For his attire, Jin wears a gray jacket to cover his uniform and a red necktie. His street attire consists of a cap and a brown shirt.


Jin is a persistent man who does not give up in wooing Himeko. He can be very hyperactive and shout compliments.

Major Story Points

Fated Woman

Himeko and Bossun


  • Himeko: After Himeko saves Jin from some thugs, Jin immediately falls in love with her. Due to the fortune teller's description, Jin strongly believes Himeko is his one true love. When Jin asks Himeko to be his girlfriend, Himeko declines and states that Bossun is her boyfriend. Suspicious with Himeko, Jin asks Himeko to prove it. Though, Himeko has failed, and Jin is enthralled when Bossun informs him that he and Himeko are not a couple.
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