Invisible Man Exposed!

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Kanji 透明人間露る!
Romaji Tōmei ningen arawaru!
Volume 13
Anime 58
Bossun, Tetsuji Chūma, Himeko, Switch, Suzu Chūma (Cell Phone Message Only)


Bossun drinks Chūma's concoction that makes him invisible. When Chuma asks Bossun about Switch and Himeko's whereabouts, Bossun remembers that Himeko is shopping for her dad's birthday and wants to surprise a bit. However, Bossun gets into trouble over there as his naked body reveals slowly in public.

Can Himeko and Bossun get out in time before he shamefully shows his nude body to the world and from utter embarrassment?


  • Reference to Princess Mononoke: There is a scene where Himeko grabs hold of Bossun who is invisible and wearing a deer mask.
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