I changed My Image-nyora✩

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Kanji イメチェンしたにょら✩
Romaji Imechenshita nyora✩
Volume 6
Anime Episode 30
Kijima, Sarukawa, Inui, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Momoka Kibitsu, Teruko


Momoka's old gang explain to the Sket Dan that Momoka has not been hanging out with them due to her busy career as a successful seiyuu. The Sket Dan reassure that Momoka will come back to hang out with them and that Momoka has not forget her old friends. Before Sarukawa, Inui, and Kijima leave, they inform the Sket Dan that Momoka is visiting the Sket Dan to show off her new anime DVD. Furthermore, Momoka has changed a "little."

The next day, Bossun and Himeko get a big surprise when Momoka comes for a visit. Momoka is all dressed up and cute, and her way of speaking confuse Himeko and Bossun. Switch explains it originates from terms that Momoka uses on her blog. Momoka takes a quick photo of her, Himeko, and Bossun with her cellphone and posts her meeting on her blog. Switch points out that Momoka is getting into in her roles for Moe characters a bit too much. When Bossun brings up her old friends, Momoka states she cannot stand delinquents and that she comes from the planet Peach, Nyora. Outside of the Sket Dan clubroom, Inui, Kijima, and Sarukawa are saddened by Momoka's statements. Bossun asks Momoka if her manager is telling her to abandon her past, and Momoka replies that her manager wants her to assume the Moe character in real life.

Suddenly, a photographer takes some snapshots, and Kijima and the others try to stop him. Himeko destroys the man's camera and scares him away. When Momoka's old friends are worried about Momoka's reputation if people find out she is hanging out with delinquents, Momoka reassures them that she will take of it. On TV, she makes her confession during Teruko's live broadcast. Later on, the Sket Dan receives another shock that Momoka has been starred in a delinquent detective series.

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