Hyperion () is a board game unique to the Sket Universe generally considered to be made up. It utilises a variety of (suspicious) pieces on a cross shaped board with the intention of 2-4 people being able to play. It is theoretically similar to Chess or Shogi.


The game's origins are a mystery, but (like a similarly suspect game) it can be traced back to certain ancient Chinese writings (apparently as far back as 3000 years ago). However, due to the complex (and suspect) nature of the game and the way it hasn't been known, this game has failed to be recognised at all.

Traditionally, players call out the name of a Wind God corresponding to the direction they chose to play from.

The Two 'Mysteries' of Hyperion

  • Strangely, women cannot even gather the motivation or understanding to play.
  • Men will be drawn into it with almost obsessive fascination (making them known as 'Hyped').

Game Pieces and Rules

  • The 'Grand Cross' - the board Hyperion is played on. Cross shaped and always made from Spruce.
  • Steam - looks like the Iron from 'Monopoly' - can move one space forward, sideways or back
  • Shoe - looks like the Shoe from 'Monopoly' - can move one space forward or diagonally.
  • 'Family Man' - looks like a Car from 'Game of Life' - can move two spaces forward or one back.
  • Dodondondodon - looks like a gladiator shaped eraser - any space forward.
  • 'Mass-produced Zaf' - two per player - robot shaped pieces that move diagonally any amount.
  • Maccha Azukina - looks like a trading card - any space diagonally.
  • OL (Office Lady) - a model of a woman - any space forward or sideways
  • Tequila - a miniature bottle - one space forwards
  • Abrasimovich - a cactus/slimeball - the 'king' piece - can move one in any direction.


  • OTL (Over-Toxicated Lady) - OL piece lying down - OL + Tequila - moves in a zigzag ignoring other pieces.
  • Dead Extreme Attack - Zaf if 'Family Man' taken next to it - immediately removes piece that took 'Family Man'


  • Excalibur - Pyramid/Sword shaped formation with Dodondondodon at the front/tip
  • Thousand-Armed Peacock - Donut formation around the 'king' (invented by Switch)


  • 'Battlish' - Begin
  • 'Don't Stop the Music' - I surrender
  • Hyperiaura - getting excited/enthusiastic.

Known Players

Current: None (no one actually cares anymore about it)


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