Hollywood Movie Stardust

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Kanji ハリウッド。ムービー。スターダスト
Romaji Hariuddo muubii sutaadasuto
Volume 29
Kazuyoshi Usui,Yūsuke Fujisaki, Hime Onizuka, Kanegi, Hariu Dwayger, Madonna Erika


Barging in the clubroom, Bossun and Himeko encounters a strange man who acts out lines from a movie. The English teacher, Hariu (AKA Harry) takes a quick smoke and explains his request. In the teacher lounge, Hariu is smitten by a female co-worker named Madonna Erika. When Harry gives his notebook to Madonna, he accidentally leaves a note inside the book that asks her to date. Harry requests the Sket Dance to help him retrieve that note from Madonna's drawer. Though, Bossun and the gang object to Harry's request despite how Harry makes the mission sound so cool. Harry orders them to infiltrate the teacher's lounge like spies.

During the operation, Switch hands Harry an earpiece that allows them to pick only his voice. While the Sket Dan distracts the teachers, Harry hesitates to open Madonna's drawer. Then, Harry ducks under the drawer when the pressure gets to him. When a teacher is about to pick an eraser in front of Harry, the earthquake alarm sounds out. As the teachers hide under their desk, Madonna spots Harry and ducks into a drawer near him. Bossun takes the notebook.

With a mission over, Harry thanks Bossun, and as he opens the note, he finds a reply from Madonna, congratulating him for getting the note back. Switch asks everyone why did the earthquake alarm rang out. The Sket Dan realizes that Madonna must have pushed the alarm to save Harry.