Himiko Minakami
Himiko Minakami
水神 氷見子
Minakami Himiko
Age 56
Birthday November 30
Gender Female
Blood Type O
Height 161 cm.
Weight 70 kg.
Hair Blonde
Occupation Professional Fortune Teller
Manga Debut Chapter 103
Defeat The Fortune Teller, Part 1
Anime Debut Episode 54
Defeat The Fortune Teller
Seiyū Kujira

Himiko Minakami is a fortune teller.


A 'professional' fortune teller who had her own television show where she would read peoples fortunes and advise them on what to do. She also created and sold 'Charms' (at ridiculous prices) to ward off bad luck and would as part of her 'advise' tell clients to buy her 'Charms'. She had a large following among those interested in the occult including Reiko Yuki. However most of her readings used trickery such as 'Cold Reading' (vague statements designed to make the client fill in with their own interpretations) and researching her clients so as to appear understanding or knowledgeable about them.

She was eventually shown as a fraud by the Sket Dan and Sasuke Tsubaki.


As a television host she acted concerned and empathetic to her clients if a little conceited with her own 'abilities', however in reality she is cruel and money-orientated, hence her pushing clients to buy her 'Charms'.