Himeko's Mother
Hime's mother.png
Himeko no haha
Nickname Oniyome (鬼嫁)
Birthday January 19
Gender Female
Blood Type B
Height 164 cm.
Weight 49 kg.
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Housewife
Relatives Unnamed Husband
Hime Onizuka (daughter)
Manga Debut Chapter 57
Anime Debut Episode 60
Seiyū Aya Hisakawa


Himeko's mother has brown coloured eyes and brown hair. She wears clothes matching that of a typical housewife.


She is seen getting really excited when Bossun and Switch came to the Onizuka household to study. This may be due to a fact that Himeko once mentioned; that Osaka (Kansai) people get really excited. Although she appears really kind to both Bossun and Switch (which embarrassed Himeko), she gets really angry when all three of them did not study at all.

It should be noted that once she gets angry, no one dares to stop her, not even the legendary Onihime or her husband.


Her weapon is an ice hockey stick, as opposed to Himeko's field hockey stick.


Himeko: As her mom, she cares a lot for Himeko and wants the best for her. She chooses to help her, Bossun and Switch study saying that she doesn't want any of them to have regrets.


  • Like Himeko, she also has a nickname and is called "The Legendary Oniyome".
  • "yome" in Oniyome means 'wife' or 'bride' in Japanese.
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