Hidesato Sakasu / Smile
坂須 英里
Sakasu Hidesato
Nickname Smile (スマイル)
Age 15/16
Gender Male
School Kaimei High School
Class 1-?
Likes Acrobatics
Dislikes Ceilings
Affiliation Pocket Dan
Manga Debut Chapter 212

Hidesato Sakasu (坂須 英里) or Smile (スマイル) is one of Pocket Dan members. Like Switch, he doesn't speak directly but instead by pantomime, which he also uses for his practice.


He wears the standard school uniform except without the jacket. His notable features are the helmet that he wears as head protection during his constant acrobatics and his permanent vacant smile on his face that seemed to be the source of how he got his nickname.

Major Story Arcs

Cheeky Rookies

The first appearance of Tact and the Pocket Dan. Tact attempts to take over the Sket Dan Club with Smile's help to throw the original trio out or disband them so he can start the Club anew. However, the Pocket Dan's motive to take over is less pure than Sket Dan - they want to show off more than help others.

Special Abilities

  • Acrobatics - Smile is very agile and a skilled acrobat. However he has a slight weakness towards ceilings, occasionally crashing into them when doing his acrobatics, hence his protective headgear.


  • His surname Sakasu is romanization of the word "Circus" in japanese (サーカス).
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