Hetappi Manga Kenkyūjo R

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Kanji ヘタッピマンガ研究所ロマンティック
Romaji Hetappi manga kenkyūjo romanteikku
Volume Volume 7
Roman Saotome, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Fumi Segawa


Roman Saotome requests Sket Dan to help look for her manuscript for 'teaching people how to draw manga'. After they find it, she asks them to read over it for clarity. During the story, Himeko could not take Roman seriously when a boy in the story suddenly becomes a mangaka with a silly reason. Next in Roman's guide, there is an introduction of various tools for a mangaka. The 2 part in the guide is how to draw a face. Though, Switch and Roman have a little rivalry over drawing Bossun's face. In the 3rd part, Roman explains how to create characters, and she breaks it down into two types: sympathetic and admirable. In the 4th part, Roman covers on how to create stories. Though, her story and drawings frustrate Himeko and Bossun.

Later, Fumi visits the Sket Dance. She is happy that Roman created a guide for her, but she cannot draw properly after reading the guide. Fumi requests the Sket Dan to help her draw.


  • During the scene where Roman tells Bossun about the G-pen, Roman breaks the fourth wall when telling the readers to check out the volume 3 bonus chapter, Melancholic Rendezvous.