Happy to Meet You
Japanese Title 会えて嬉しい
Aete ureshii
Volume 11
Release Date January 4, 2010
ISBN 978-4-08-874787-3
Pages 192
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Cover Characters
Switch, Bossun, Himeko, Sasuke Tsubaki
Characters Debuted
Shō Tobishima, Koma Morishita, Uehara

Happy to Meet You (会えて嬉しい, Aete ureshii) is volume 11 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 91

Special Broken... (壊れてしまった特別な..., Kowarete shimatta tokubetsu na...)

Yamanobe is back with another crappy game - this time, a Super Mario Brothers ripoff named "Super Mariko Broken". He asks the Sket Dan to help him complete the game, as he had never been able to as a child and has heard that the ending is heart-wrenching. Of course, the game system will only last 4 hours before overheating... now if only they can keep that in mind while playing.

Chapter 92

Charismatic Student Highly Recommends High-level Club Speed-Dating Participation, Congratulations (カリスマ生徒イチ押しの部活がハイレベル合コン参加おめでとう, Karisuma seito ichi oshi no bukatsu ga haireberu gōkon sanka omedetō)

The chorus club has won a competition, and the student council are approached to make a celebratory banner for them. The task is passed to Tsubaki, but his fellow student council members refuse to help him and suggest he ask the Sket Dan for assistance. The result? Tsubaki and Bossun's first joint brotherly assignment. As expected, it goes badly.

Chapter 93

Oneesan is Popular? (おねえさんもお気に入り?, Oneesan mo o-ki ni iri?)

Remi has a date! However, when Chū-san hears the name of who she'll be meeting, he grows suspicious. His suspicions are completely verified, too: Remi's date actually uses a hidden camera to film under women's skirts! It's a good thing Chū-san has a working youth potion, so he can inadvertently interrupt their date and confront the crook.

Chapter 94

Your Wish is My Command, Master (なんでもやりまっせご主人様, Nandemo yarimasse goshujin-sama)

Himeko manages to break Bossun's arm while trying to "help" him bend his hand back at the wrist. As compensation, she has to serve as his maid (complete with uniform) until his arm heals. She certainly seems to take it well enough, but somehow always manages to slightly screw things up. While walking along the edge of the softball field, an errant ball hurtles toward Himeko, and only Bossun can save her! But his arm is supposed to be broken, isn't it...?

Chapter 95

Koma-chan's Problem (コマちゃんの困りごと, Koma-chan no komari goto)

Fumi's friend Koma comes to the Sket Dan with a problem: she is incredibly shy and incredibly strong, and it's a deadly combination. As a boy has confessed to her and she wants to give him an answer, she needs to overcome her tendency to shove people through solid objects when embarrassed. Can the Sket Dan help her out, or will Bossun end up in a full-body cast in the attempt?

Chapter 96

Exciting Exercise (エキサイト・エクササイズ, Ekisaito ekusasaizu)

While reading a magazine, Himeko decides she needs to lose some weight - and Switch just happens to have an exercise DVD handy. The DVD is a strange one, though, and doesn't seem to have any useful exercises. Despite that, when Bossun takes it home, he turns up the next day completely bronzed and muscular!

Chapter 97

Happy to Meet You (会えて嬉しい, Aete ureshii)

Tsubaki finally takes Bossun up on his offer and visits the Fujisaki home. There, it's an emotional scene as he also watches the video tapes of the boys' biological parents.

Chapter 98

Laughing on the Outside... (顔で笑って心で..., Kao de waratte kokoro de...)

Bossun accidentally drinks one of Chū-san's concoctions, resulting in some emotional mix-ups. Now his face doesn't match what he's really feeling, and before the Sket Dan can fix the problem, they need to figure out which facial expression matches which actual emotion.

Chapter 99

Momoka's Road to Being a Stage Actress (モモカ舞台女優への道, Momoka butai joyū e no michi)

Momoka has an upcoming audition and isn't sure how to handle the dialogue, so she seeks out the Sket Dan for help. The possibilities the Sket Dan come up with range from emotionally poignant to abstractly Engrish, so hopefully one of them will be of use in the actual audition?

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