Happy To Meet You

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Kanji 会えて嬉しい
Romaji Aete ureshii
Air Date March 29, 2012
Manga Chapters 92 & 97
Opening Message
Ending Kakkowarui I love you!

Happy To Meet You (会えて嬉しい, Aete ureshii) is the 51th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


The first half starts with Agata asking Tsubaki to go to the Sket Dan for help, then switches to Hime and Bossun making funny faces with cellotape. Tsubaki arrives and after Hime and Switch finish comparing Bossun and Tsubaki's likeness, Bossun and Tsubaki go on there job with obvious results.

The second half shows Tsubaki's first visit to Bossun's home and meeting his mother and sister then finally getting to see what his birth parents looked like.


1st Story

Tsubaki asks Sojiro and his classmates to help him write the banner. When Tsubaki enters the Sket Dan home room, she pressures Bossun and Sasuke to sit together. She stares at them and thinks about how to make them look the same. Hime asks Switch for a wig, and Switch hands over a Bossun wig. They make him wear a Popman's hat as well. Hime makes a point that Tsubaki's eyes are severe while Bossun's eyes make Bossun look dumb. Later, Bossun and Sasuke prepare to draw characters for the banner while Hime, Switch, and the student council spy from afar. Bossun and Switch are going to take turn writing the characters. Then, Bossun writes the character wrong. Bossun plans to change the character to god, and Sasuke decides to do all of his characters at once. However, he messes by writing them down without spaces. It now reads as "knock it off, club." Bossun writes some characters which read Tanabe who they have no clue who is Tanabe. Taking the remaining space, Sasuke decides to abbreviate it. The result is "national high mixer." Later, the principal calls Sojiro into his office. Daisy tells the twin brothers to lick each other wounds. Bossun and Sasuke freaks out at the end.

2nd Story: Happy to Meet You

At Bossun's house, Bossun tries to look mature by reading the newspaper; Rumi is wearing her best Sunday dress. When the doorbell rings, Bossun and Rumi would not open it and argue over who should open it. Akane opens the door and sees Sasuke's resemblance to Haru. Rumi looks at Sasuke and warns him not to get close and that he has to pay tribute in candy. Meanwhile, Bossun is doing squats and ignoring Sasuke. Akane scolds them for arguing and notices that they are like oil and water. Strange, Rumi gets a text message from Switch who tells her that watching them fight is funny. Then, the family and Sasuke sit down to eat dinner. Sasuke and Bossun struggle to eat because Sasuke is left handed and Bossun is right handed. Bossun and the gang learn what Sasuke likes and how he doesn't know to play with robots. When dinner is over, Akane sets up the video camera. Sasuke explains that he didn't want to find out about his parents since there is no point and that he is running away from the truth. As the video plays, Sasuke is mesmerized by the footage of his parents. Before Sasuke leaves, Bossun walks Sasuke outside. Akane overhears them and sees they are taking photos of each other in secret. On the following day, the Sket Dan crew and the student council meet with each other at the front of the gate. Meanwhile, Akane sees a portrait of Bossun and Sasuke facing the Buddha statue. The gang finds something suspicious especially how Bossun blushes. Akane notices the distance between them.


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Cast & Credits

Yūsuke Fujisaki (Bossun): Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hime Onizuka (Himeko): Ryōko Shiraishi
Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch): Tomokazu Sugita
Sasuke Tsubaki: Hiro Shimono

Rumi Fujisaki: Yuki Kashiwagi
Akane Fujisaki: Akeno Watanabe

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the anime, there is a subtle motif where two small birds fly together. These two birds represent Bossun and Sasuke. They are seen again when Akane picks up Sasuke and Bossun's photo at the end.
  • The anime has an added ending where Bossun and Sasuke are seen in front of the school. Their friends suspect that they have done something together.
  • In the manga, Akane is not seen in the tape when Sasuke watches the home videos. Only Haru and Ryosuke are seen.
  • The anime added Ryosuke and Bossun together in a snapshot when Akane compares the two brothers to their parents. The manga doesn't do that comparison shot.
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