Happy to Meet You

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Kanji 会えて嬉しい
Romaji Aite ureshii
Volume Volume 11
Anime Episode 51
Bossun, Rumi Fujisaki, Akane Fujisaki, Tsubaki, Haru Kirishima (flashback), Ryōsuke Kirishima (flashback), Switch (mentioned by Rumi)


Tsubaki goes to Bossun's house for dinner. Akane takes a good look at Tsubaki's face and remarks that he has his long eyelashes from his mother, Haru. Rumi and Bossun become nervous wrecks in order to make themselves look natural in front of Tsubaki. Rumi is holding a wine glass when Tsubaki stepped in, trying to make it seem as if she is the 'hard-to-get' type. But after Tsubaki said he has brought something they could use for dessert, Rumi puts on her "Bossun" face. Then, Bossun does insane squats to act like he isn't nervous. Rumi remarks that Bossun acts like a father whose daughter just brought her boyfriend home. While Akane tries to stop Bossun and Tsubaki from arguing, Rumi receives a text message from Switch. Switch tells Rumi that they are better off enjoying the scenes. At dinner, they talk about what they did for fun as a child and other things. Afterwards, Bossun reveals some family footage of their parents to Tsubaki and his family. Tsubaki is glad to see his parents. When Tsubaki is about to go home, Bossun gets up to show Tsubaki out, which surprised Akane. Then, Akane hears the commotion between Bossun and Tsubaki outside. She sees them trying to take a picture. Next day, Akane finds Bossun and Tsubaki's photo facing their parents in the altar. She remarks that the boys are getting closer to each other.

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