Happy Rebirthday (4)

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Volume Volume 10
Anime Episode 48
Bossun, Sasuke Tsubaki, Hime Onizuka, Switch, Reiko Yuki, Sojiro Agata (Flashback), Doctor Tsubaki (Flashback), Ryōsuke Kirishima (Video Tape), Haru Kirishima (Video Tape), Akane Fujisaki


Bossun and Sasuke share thoughts about how they feel about being twin brothers. Sasuke also explains how he figured that his parents were not his biological parents. Even though Bossun and Sasuke agree that nothing will change between them, Bossun invites Sasuke to come to his house for dinner someday, so he can introduce Sasuke to his parents. Before they leave, the two boys exchange Happy Birthday greetings. Later that night, Akane falls asleep with the family movie still on. On the TV, Ryosuke hints about their future children's names. The chapter ends with Haru and Ryosuke saying, "Happy Birthday."

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