Happy Rebirthday
Happy birthday by Haru and Ryosuke

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Air Date March 8, 2012
Manga Chapters 87, 88, 89, 90
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Ending Happy Birthday


While Bossun and the gang enjoy the school festival, Bossun gets a visit from a doctor who helped delivered him on the day of his birth. The doctor tells Bossun a shocking secret.


Funzō thanks Bossun for helping his sons and does a super rolling grovel out of the window. In the maid cafe, Funzō makes an order to Moe with his sons. Then, Akane and Rumi arrive to the maid cafe. Akane marvels about how beautiful Himeko has become. Rumi asks Switch about Bossun's relationship with Himeko and wonders if Bossun will be after his little sister. Switch replies that they are friends and assures her that Bossun would never go after Rumi that way. Outside, Dr. Tsubaki finds Bossun, and he begins apologizing to Bossun once he and Bossun are on the roof. When Dr. Tsubaki states that there is someone who shares his blood, Bossun recalls his father's letter. He realizes that he has a twin brother. Dr. Tsubaki states that he has harboring this secret for 17 years and says that his son had already found out. Bossun thinks back hard and realizes that Sasuke is his twin brother. Meanwhile, Sōjirō and his student council group wonder where Sasuke is.

Back in the past, Dr. Tsubaki and Akane discovers that Ryōsuke is dead. In the operating room, Dr. Tsubaki informs Haru about her husband's dead. Haru reveals that she has twins and requests Dr. Tsubaki to take care of one of her twins because Akane would be too burden with taking care of two boys. Haru asks Dr. Tsubaki to save her twins at the cost of her own life. In her last request, she tells Dr. Tsubaki the names that she and her husband had decided. After the delivery of the two boys is successful, Dr. Tsubaki recalls his father asking him how he will continue the bloodline. Dr. Tsubaki decides to adopt Sasuke and explains that he had never told Akane the truth. He bows down and apologizes to Bossun. Two years ago, Dr. Tsubaki had met Akane and learn that she had told Bossun everything. The burden on Dr. Tsubaki's heart had ache again. Bossun states that he cannot forgive Dr. Tsubaki easily, but he is not angry at him. He tells Dr. Tsubaki that he is a great father to Sasuke.

When the cultural festival is about to end, Sasuke bumps into Bossun. Bossun asks Sasuke who is older. When Sasuke says that Bossun is older, Bossun asks Sasuke to buy him a drink. Sasuke explains that he found out due to blood types. Sasuke's blood type is AB while both of his adopted parents had blood type O. To produce a child with a blood type of AB, the parents have blood type, A and B. When Bossun and Sasuke argue, Bossun states that things between them won't change much. Bossun tells Sasuke to come and visit his family for dinner one day. Sasuke and Bossun congratulate each other on their birthdays.


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Anime and Manga Differences

  • Continuity Altercations: In the manga, Akane and Rumi visit Bossun in the maid cafe after Bossun struggles to make himself useful but the other volunteers told him to go somewhere else. Compared to the anime, Akane and Rumi visit before Bossun has his cola and bumping scenes.
  • 2nd Continuity Altercations: In the manga, Dr. Tsubaki explains the flashback to Bossun before the scene where Sojiro and the Kaimei Student council appear. Compared to the anime, it is after.
  • Anime Only Scene: Hime and Switch try to make Tsubaki and Bossun hold hands did not occur in the manga.