Happy New School Year!
Japanese Title ?, Happī Nyū Sukūru Iyā!
Volume 24
Release Date April 4, 2012
ISBN 978-4088704296
Pages 192 [1]
Previous Words Given to You
Next Stealth Bodyguard (volume)
Cover Characters
Yūsuke Fujisaki, Himeko, Switch
Characters Debuted
Takuto Yagi, Kinue Azuma, Hidesato Sakasu

Happy New School Year! (?, Happī Nyū Sukūru Iyā!) is volume 24 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 208

The Student Council Orientation Training Camp (生徒会オリエンテーション合宿, Seitokai orienteeshon gasshuku)

Chapter 209

Falling Blossoms of Confusion (錯乱の花散るらん, Sakuran no hana chiruran)

Chapter 210

Happy New School Year!

Chapter 211

The Gallant Chronicle of the 3rd Years' Farewell Ceremony, Part 1 (3年生を送る会奮戦記 前編, Sannensei o okurukai funsenki zenpen)

Chapter 212

The Let's Introduce Club Activities Assembly (部活紹介しよう会, Bukatsu shōkai shiyō kai)

Chapter 213

Cheeky Rookie, Part 1 (Cheeky Rookie 前編, Cheeky Rookie zenpen)

Chapter 214

Cheeky Rookie, Part 2 (Cheeky Rookie 中篇, Cheeky Rookie chūhen)

Chapter 215

Cheeky Rookie, Part 3 (Cheeky Rookie 後編, Cheeky Rookie kōhen)

Chapter 216

Nakatani-san from Class A (A組の中谷さん, A-gumi no nakatani-san)


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