Happy New School Year!

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Volume 24
Bossun, Rumi Fujisaki, Shinzo Takemitsu, Shinpei Takemitsu, Tetsuji Chūma,Himeko, Switch, Moe Yabasawa


Today is the first day of Bossun in third year and his younger sister Rumi as a freshman. On the way to school, they meet the Takemitsu brothers. Rumi thinks Shinzo is very old and plain looking while Shinpei is cool.

On other hand, the Sket Dan and the rest of class 2-C will be separated in different classes. Bossun in class F, Switch in class D, and Himeko in class A. Bossun is acting cool in front of his friends but actually is very sad. What makes him more sad is the class F... full of delinquent-looking people!

But Chūma-sensei was actually wrong. Bossun is actually placed in class C. When he goes back to class C, he finds his friends are in class C too. Everyone are the people he really close with, in addition, Chūma-sensei once again being their homeroom teacher.