Happy Birthday (5)

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Volume Volume 10
Anime Episode 47
Akane Fujisaki, Nurse, Doctor, Bossun, Rumi Fujisaki, Haru Kirishima (flashback), Hime Onizuka, Moe Yabasawa, Mimori Unyu


When Bossun return home, Akane slaps Bossun for making her worry. After Bossun asks Akane what is he to her, Akane tells him proudly that Bossun is her son. Bossun replies that he is lucky to have Akane as his mother and that everyone helped him. Akane thanks Bossun for being born as she realizes how Bossun resemble Ryosuke and Haru. When Rumi return home, the family celebrates Bossun's 15th birthday. Later that night, Bossun narrates that he will start a club to help people and that he and Taisuke will visit his parents' grave.

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