Happy Birthday (3)

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Volume Volume 10
Anime Episode 47
Bossun, Akane Fujisaki, Rumi Fujisaki, Sasuke Tsubaki, Taisuke Mishima, Ryōsuke Kirishima


Bossun arrives to the place where his father was slain in a car accident 15 years ago. When some delinquents throws some cans at him, he yells at them to apologize. In actuality, Bossun is yelling at his father while the punks pummel him. A man (Taisuke) appears and stops them. Upon recognition of Bossun's face, Taisuke explains that Ryosuke had sacrificed his life to save his. Taisuke states that he has been visiting the place every year without fail hoping to meet a survivor of Ryosuke's kin. He hands Bossun a present that Ryosuke planned to give to his wife and children.