Happy Birthday (2)

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Volume 10
Anime 46
Bossun, Akane Fujisaki, Rumi Fujisaki, Haru Kirishima, Ryōsuke Kirishima, Doctor Tsubaki


Continuing the story of Bossun's past, he confronts his mother Akane about the photo contradiction he discovered and learns that she is not his biological mother. Akane recalls how she met Haru and Ryōsuke and their time in high school together, finally revealing that the pair are Bossun's biological parents. She then tells him how Ryōsuke died in a car accident and both herself and Haru were involved in a separate car accident on the day of Bossun's birth, leading to Haru's death after Bossun was born. Unwilling to accept that he has no blood relations in the world, Bossun becomes angry and flees the house.

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