Happy Birthday (1)

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Volume Volume 10
Anime Episode 46
Bossun, Ryōsuke Kirishima, Haru Kirishima, Akane Fujisaki, Rumi Fujisaki


In the present, young Bossun watches footage of his father, Haru, and Akane. As he watches in awe and gets to tape 4, Akane comes home to find Bossun watching the tapes. After she asks Bossun how much he watched, she quickly locks up the tapes. Later, Rumi gets home and tells him to buy milk pudding for his birthday. Akane also makes Bossun go shop for apricot tofu. On the way home, Bossun recalls about his mother and father's relationship. Suddenly, he gets suspicious about Akane's question on the how far he watched the video tapes. On the following day, he snoops around in the albums. Even though Bossun gives up looking for clues, he realizes there is a photo of his mother that looks suspicious. During dinner, Bossun reveals the photo to Akane and asks why she is not pregnant on the date: August 13, 1992. (Due to the fact that Bossun was born on November 11, 1992).

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