Happy Birthday, Part 2

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Kanji Happy Birthday 後編
Romaji Happy Birthday kōhen
Air Date March 1, 2012
Manga Chapters 84, 85 & 86
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Happy Birthday, Part 2 (Happy Birthday 後編, Happy Birthday kōhen) is the 47th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Angry at the world and surrounded by loneliness, Bossun finds himself at the place where his father was slain in a car accident. A young man appears and explains to Bossun why his father died. He gives Bossun, a letter and present from his father that was supposed to be given to Haru. When Bossun sees a young man bullied by delinquents, will Bossun follow his father's philosophy or will he just live for himself?


Rumi reassures her mother that Bossun will be fine and that he wants to be alone for a while. In the park, Bossun wakes up and wanders through town all aimlessly. Somehow, he arrives to the park where his father was killed. Then, some punks throw a can at Bossun and ask him to throw it away. Bossun demands one of the punk to apologize to him. As the delinquents beat up Bossun, Bossun notices a boy with long eyelashes walking by. Then, a man walks by and threatens to send a cell phone footage as evidence to the police. The young man notices Bossun's face and asks him if he had a father who died here 15 years ago. The young man explains that Bossun's father had saved his life. He introduces himself as Taisuke Mishima. On November 11, 1994, Ryōsuke rushes towards the hospital and spots Taisuke playing with the soccer ball. When Taisuke goes after the ball in the streets, Ryōsuke saves Taisuke at the cost of his own life. When Ryōsuke realizes his time nearing its end, he requests Taisuke to give his gift to his wife and child. After Ryōsuke apologizes to Haru, Akane, and his child, he tells Taisuke to be a strong person and help others in trouble. In the present, Taisuke sets up some flowers for Ryōsuke and explains that he always comes here to pay his respects every year. He gives Bossun, Ryōsuke's present for his wife. By the river, Bossun opens the gift and finds it's a cracked watch that stops at 2:30PM. He finds a letter, and he realizes that his mother had the same birthday as him. Underneath the letter to Haru, Bossun finds a letter to his children. Bossun yells out and blames his father for leaving him to save a stranger.

Nearby, Bossun finds the same delinquents bullying the boy with the long eyelashes. When Bossun is about to leave the scene, his father's words about helping others reaches Bossun. Bossun steps in to protect the boy and shouts out to his father. Moments later, the young boy apologizes to Bossun and thanks him for giving him courage. When the young man asks Bossun for his name, Bossun leaves the boy without answering him. In the past, Akane drives Haru to the hospital. Haru thanks Akane for helping her and Ryōsuke. Suddenly, Akane swerves into the doctor's car, resulting in a car crash. Over at the hospital, the wife reveals that the baby has been delivered. Though, Haru had died in the process. Arriving home, Akane slaps Bossun and cries that she was worried about him. When Bossun asks Akane what is he to her, Akane explains that Bossun is her son and that he means everything to her. Bossun thanks Akane for taking care of him. After Rumi has come home, Bossun and his family celebrates Bossun's birthday. Bossun reports that he is going to start up a club to help others.


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Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the manga, the delinquents beat Bossun up immediately after Bossun tells them to apologize.
  • Alterations in Ryosuke's Death: In the manga, Ryosuke is seen saving Taisuke from a car. Compared to the anime, he is seen briefly before the car passes by. Only sounds of a crash is heard.
  • Change in Akane's scene: In the manga, she cries by kneeling on the floor before Bossun. Compared to the anime, she cries while grasping Bossun's shoulders.
  • Manga Only: Akane tells Bossun that she had a crush on Ryosuke and how Haru's death is her fault.


  • Ryosuke to Taisuke: "Become strong, somebody who can offer a helping hand to people who are in trouble."
  • Ryosuke's Letter: "Friends are treasures. Help each other and value the bonds you have."
  • Akane to Bossun: "Maybe you didn't come out of me, but my best friend gave birth to you, my son."
  • Bossun to Akane: "I'm alive through the help of a lot of people. I'm here now because you're here, mother. I'm glad you became my parent. I'm really lucky."
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