Hani Usami
Normal Self | Bunny Self
Hani Usami.png
宇佐見 羽仁
Usami Hani
Nickname Bunny (バニー)
Birthday November 25, 1993
Gender Female
Blood Type AB
Height 158 cm.
Weight 48 kg.
Eyes Red-Brown
Hair Salmon
School Kaimei High School
Class 1-B (chapters 1-209)
2-? (chapters 210-present)
Dislikes Men (as Usami), Women (as Bunny)
Affiliation Student Council
Relatives Grandmother
3 Older sisters
Younger sister
Manga Debut Chapter 153
Treasurer Usami Hani
Anime Debut Episode 72
Chase Kagerō!
Seiyū Yuka Iguchi

Hani Usami (宇佐見 羽仁, Usami Hani) is a first-year student at Kaimei High School who takes over as Treasurer of the Student Council after Mimori Unyū becomes vice-president.


She is petite with a medium bust. She has a round face with small features but large eyebrows. Her salmon-colored hair is shoulder length and held back with a light green ribbon. When in her Bunny mode, she stands straight and exposes her breasts. Her cleavage gives the illusion that her breasts has got bigger. Her eyes change from brown (normal) to more red (Bunny). Her ribbon stands upright which resembles bunny ears.

In the manga, she changes her looks. Compared to the anime, she transforms with an aura enveloping her like magic.


She has a personality disorder (assumed to be dissociative identity disorder) where she has two personalities: one who hates men (Usami), and one who hates women (Bunny). In her Usami mode, she is very reserved and does not answer to men directly. Compared to her Bunny mode, she is very promiscuous. It is possible to swap her personalities by having a man touch her to activate Bunny mode or having a woman touch her to activate Usami mode.


Until high school, Hani always attended all-girls schools and was raised by her mother, grandmother and sisters (her father was only allowed in his own room and has no real part in the family). As such she has developed a slight fear of men. However, internally she is extremely lustful and longs to hook up with every man she meets purely out of deprivation. This causes her to have a split personality due to her conflicting fear and desire for men.

Major Story Points


  • The name Hani means "feather" (羽) (ha) and "compassionate" (仁) (ni).
  • Hani's surname Usami means "eaves, roof, house, heaven" (宇) (u), "help, aid" (佐) (sa) and "to see" (見) (mi).
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