Group Blind Date Tsukkomi

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Kanji 合こんでツッコんで
Romaji Gōkon de tsukkonde
Air Date August 18, 2011
Manga Chapter 66
Opening Michi
Ending Clover

Group Blind Date Tsukkomi (合こんでツッコんで, Gōkon de tsukkonde) is the 20th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Bossun and Switch are invited to a mixer with Seiji and three other girls. Bossun is rarin' to impress with his comedic flair, but he's in for a tough crowd. Without Himeko's fiery comebacks, Bossun's humor falls flat...


First Request

In the Sket Dan club room, Hime and Bossun argue again which ends up with Bossun accidentally touching Himeko's 'boobs' and suddenly blushes. Though, Bossun rejects this and Himeko thinks that Bossun is like a monk or a priest. Bossun thinks that there wouldn't be any requests for the day and plans on heading home early until Seiji arrives and requests for Bossun and Switch to come with him for group dates. He wouldn't want to act rationally and admit his feelings for one of the girls, so he decided to start with group dates firsts.

The reason why he asked Bossun was because during the time in Sket Bombers, he knew he was funny, as for Switch, he was popular in which Switch gloats and Bossun smacks Switch in the head. Eventually they agree and get ready for tomorrow. At home, Bossun prepares different clothes and can't choose anything at all. Rumi comments that his brother has finally grown up and showed interest in girls, since he thought he was a monk or a priest. Bossun asks for help from the two about what to wear for tomorrow.

At Himeko's house, she gets angry at the thought of Bossun probably getting girls, so she ended up following Bossun and Switch in the restaurant. As the group date starts, Himeko notices right away that Bossun is nervous but he later calms down by changing the idea of the date as a request. He was planning to talk but then one of the girls confesses she loves Seiji, and he also confesses he loves her and both ended up going somewhere else which left the girls' friends in the table along with Switch and Bossun. Both duo's pull comedic statements but fail to laugh the girls.

Himeko then finally gets angry at the girls and starts lecturing the girls. Both Switch and Bossun starts sobbing and are grateful for Himeko's arrival.

Second Request

The next day, Moe requests Hime to help her with a group date. Hime agrees to join but does not let Switch and Bossun help her. At the start of the group date, she overdoes it and already starts giving gags, in which the boys say that she should relax. And just like the other day, there's another confession to Moe and this leaves Hime and Kumi, but she also leaves to go to the girls bathroom. Finally, only Hime is left and is shown to still keep on giving gags, commenting that the boys talk about designing their cellphones too much and are copying each other.

Because of this, both boys think Hime is an old lady from Osaka due to her jokes in which she frustratedly gets angry and gives another joke and finally, she wishes that Bossun and Switch arrive to save her, in which they do arrive and give jokes and comebacks again. But, due to the noise their causing inside the restaurant, they are kicked out.

At the end of the day, Hime asks what would Bossun do if they receive another request about group dates. Bossun replies that he would reject it since they're not good at it.


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