Good Risking Sensation

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Kanji グッドルシキングセンセーション
Romaji Guddo rushikingu senseshon
Volume 29
Kazuyoshi Usui,Yūsuke Fujisaki, Hime Onizuka, Sasuke Tsubaki, Tetsuji Chūma, Moe Yabasawa, Kiri Katō, Enigman, Kaoru Yagi, Rumi Fujisaki, Takako Shimada


Tsubaki finds the Sket Dance eating and indulging themselves in manga and games. He yells at them to use their time and privileges wisely. After Tsubaki leaves, Bossun holds a meeting and states that they can only operate if they have clients and their requests. Himeko remarks that the Pocket Dan is doing well these days. When Himeko and Switch have blank stares, Bossun cries to Chūma and asks him to develop a drug that would turn him into a stud. Chūma informs him that he has a drug, but he reveals a drug that will temporarily "purify" his heart. Despite Bossun's objections, Chūma has Bossun test out his drug.

Himiko and Switch are stunned by Bossun's charming looks. As Bossun tell Himeko that he is lucky to meeting someone so cute, Himeko gets flustered and begs him to stop complimenting her. Before Himeko gets a chance to brew some tea, Bossun presents her with a nice cup of Camomile. Himeko slaps Bossun for being such a sensitive hunk. Then, Moe enters the room. Upon seeing how gorgeous Bossun is, she calls over her classmates. Moments later, Tsubaki sees a large line outside of the Sket Dance clubroom. Bossun introduces his twin brother. When Kiri arrives, their assembling is nicknamed the 'Kaimei's 5 Hunks' (Tsubaki, Switch, Kiri, Akitoshi (Enigman) and now Bossun), five incredible and hot looking guys. Rumi and Takako take pictures for the school newspaper.

Afterwards, Kaoru asks Bossun to interview the other 'Kaimei's Hunks' for the school's broadcast program. Himiko and Switch notice the drug is wearing off - making him act more like a jerk as a backlash to the drug. Before Bossun goes to ask Chūma for the drug, Himiko and Switch remind him of Chūma's warnings - the more he drinks the worse the backlash. With Switch done with the filming, he and Himiko watch the footage. Apparently, Bossun snuck out to take the drug, the whole bottle. He becomes Buddha. On the rooftop, Himeko and Switch find Bossun acting like an appalling jerk.


  • Dragon Ball Reference: When Bossun drinks Chūma's drug, Himeko remarks that he looks like Goku did in a drank the sacred water.