Go Forth! The Let's Increase Our Powers of Concentration Pelocan Girl Study Meeting
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Kanji 進め!集中力を高め、みんなで協力し合うペロキャンガール勉強会
Romaji Susume! Shūchūryoku wo takame, minna de kyōryokushiau perokyan gaaru benkyō kai
Air Date May 31, 2012
Manga Chapters 126 and 169
Opening Reboot
Ending Colors

Go Forth! The Let's Increase Our Powers of Concentration Pelocan Girl Study Meeting (進め!集中力を高め、みんなで協力し合うペロキャンガール勉強会, Susume! Shūchūryoku wo takame, minna de kyōryokushiau perokyan gaaru benkyō kai) is the 60th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Himeko gets a chance to star in Pelocan's latest TV commercial as the proud Pelocan girl. Despite being a devout fan who knows every Pelocan candy flavor by heart, she has stage fright. Later, Hime has her Sket Dan crew have a study session at her house because they have the dreaded practice exams. However, Hime and her friends are easily distracted.

Can Himeko overcome her stage fright and will the gang pass their practice exams?!


A Pelocan commercial plays, and Hime stops the commercial and points out that the girl is not actually eating the Pelocan. She plays the part where the girl licks the candy again. Hime begins to whine and states that she would eat it with relish. Then, Switch informs Hime about the Pelocan girl audition for a new TV commercial by revealing the website. He states that Hime's love for Pelocan is unsurpassed while her looks aren't so bad. Hime declines the offer. Later at the Pelocan headquarters, Hime does her audition and states her skills and favorite flavor. When a man ask her what Pelocan mean to her, Hime states it is just a word. Surprisingly, Hime passes her audition. In the Sket Dan clubroom, Chiaki's younger brother gives Hime, flowers as congratulations. Bossun teases the little boy, and Chiaki helps her brother asks Hime to give an autograph. Chiaki's little brother thanks Hime, and Hime starts to feel nervous. At the studio, Hime makes that face that Bossun does when he gets embarrassed. Bossun teases Hime about her missing make up. Nishimura, the director, greets them and informs them that they don't have time. When Bossun annoys Hime, she slaps him and tries to leave the studio with the director pulling her. Moments later, the director goes over the script and it ends with a smile while the Pelocan girl states the three new flavors. To add on to the pressure, the director states that they will do it one go. When the director says go, Hime starts attacking the mascots, and Bossun restrains her.

Since the mascots are unable to move, Hime and her friends are dressed for the commercial with Switch as the bunny and Bossun as a raccoon. The director asks if Bossun wants to wear the Japanese Oni mask. As they start rolling, Hime messes up the song. The director stops them and tells Bossun and Hime to relax while he tells Switch to not advertise. Meanwhile, Chiaki and her younger brother are out shopping and thinking about Hime's TV commercial. Chiaki asks if her brother wants to buy all of the Pelocan flavors. After Himeko and her gang fall down from bouncing too much on the trampolines, Himeko goes ballistic on the director. For the next scene, Nishimura asks Hime if she has any special moves she can do. Bossun shows that he can fold origami while Switch bust some moves and Hime reveals her hockey wielding skills. Nishimura does not approve any of this, but since time is of the essence, they let Hime do it. Hime decides to recite all the Pelocan flavors while swinging her hockey stick like a nun chuck. After that commercial is over, Hime, the Sket Dan, and Chiaki with her little brother watch the commercial with a shocked response.

Hime and Bossun talk about Pelocan, and Bossun calls Hime's thighs thick which prompts Hime to punch him. Switch reminds them that practice exams are tomorrow. Bossun does a parody of Doraemon, and Hime checks up if Switch is actually studying. Then, Bossun states he is good at memorization, but he is bad at math. The two think about their punishment. Moments later, Bossun and Hime asks Yagi and Ayumi how they study. Both Bossun and Hime have some similarities in wasting their time by reading manga for their study methods. Yagi and Ayumi propose that they should study together. Since Bossun and Switch cannot study at their house, Hime finds herself having the boys over at her house, so she calls her mother to clean her bedroom.

Over at Hime's house, Hime's mother embarrass her by teasing Hime a bit and doing what mothers do best. In Hime's bedroom, Hime realizes this is the first time she has boys in her room. When Bossun jumps in her bed, Hime attacks him. Bossun and Switch start going through Hime's manga gallery. Hime's mother enters the bedroom with Castella and treats. She starts asking Hime's friends some questions before Hime pushes her mom away due to sheer embarrassment. During their study session, the group slowly gets distracted by reading some of Bossun's manga. Moments later, Hime's mother comes in to see everyone slacking off and yells at them. Hime gets scared and explains that her mom is known for being the Oniyome. Hime's mother tells Bossun and Switch to study until dawn and brings out her hockey stick. When the father comes home, he finds Hime and others being watched closely. He tells Hime to be strong. On the following day, the gang find themselves with great scores.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Anime Only Appearances: Chiaki, Chiaki's younger brother, Pelocan, Pelobon, and Hime's father only appear in the anime.
  • Continuity Alterations: The manga introduce the Oni mask later when Hime shows her hockey skills.
  • Also, Switch's dancing and Bossun's origami folding did not appear in the manga.
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