Genius Poopman Yearning
Hime in a crab car reading a list

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Kanji 天才ウンコマン慕情
Romaji Tensai unkoman bojō
Air Date August 16, 2012
Manga Chapters 100 and 175
Opening Clear
Ending Sekai wa Okujō de Miwataseta

Genius Poopman Yearning is the 71st episode of the Sket Dance anime.


The first story is a reference to a Japanese folktale, the Crab and the Monkey, with Hime being the crab's daughter and Switch, the monkey. Hime and her allies plan to exact vengeance on the monkey.

Meanwhile in the 2nd story, Kuroda requests Sket Dan to help Dante return to his Visual Kei self because Dante has gone Enka style. Can Sket Dan get Dante back to his old self?


The narrator explains the story about a crab and a monkey, and the monkey traded its persimmon seed for the crab's rice ball. The crab grows a lovely persimmon tree. The monkey offers to help the crab, but the monkey throws an unripe fruit at the crab and steals all of the fruit. The crab's children swore vengeance at the monkey. The story begins with Hime finding out she is a crab, and the narrator tells a story about Reiko who is the crab that lost to the monkey, Switch. Hime vows to avenge her mother's honor, and she recruits some allies. She freaks out how bizarre they are After her allies make their introduction, Himeko asks them about their strategies, and Chiaki shares her plan on being a bait to lure the monkey. However, Chiaki will eat all the food before the monkey. Koma volunteers to use her stinger, and in her plan, she throws the monkey in the sky. She explains that if she use her stinger, she would die. Bossun speaks up and shares his plan about waiting in the house where they ambush the monkey with everyone doing a part.

Later, the monkey attacks Moe again at night, and Reiko wishes divine punishment on the monkey on the next day. Buddha from the sky grants her wish by having a mountain fall on top of Switch. Switch remains seal until a monk named Sanzo rescues him, and the two embark on a journey. Meanwhile, Hime's group waits for Switch who never came home.

Ayumi introduces the Sket Dan to a man who is a friend of Dante, Kuroda (Rodan). Rodan asks the Sket Dan to help Dante who has gone Enka. As Bossun yells out in confusion, Dante starts singing until Hime shakes him violently. Bossun and Hime asks Dante to go back to his visual kei self, and Dante stands on a beer case and sings in Enka that his name is Date Kiyoshi. Rodan begs Sket Dan to turn him back to normal. Later, Bossun has his teammates dress in Visual Kei style, and he asks them to say some words that a Visual Kei would say to bring back Dante. When that does not work, Bossun asks Dante how he got into Enka, Dante starts singing, and Bossun tells his team to listen. Switch notes that Dante is singing one of Kitajimas songs.

Rodan explains that Dante was watching a concert on TV around 1AM to 3AM, and he explains that Dante can stay awake well. Bossun realizes the cause, sleep learning, where Dante slept and got exposed to Enka music after 3AM. Bossun tells them that they must have Dante sleep and listen to some Visual Kei music. Later, Dante returns to his old self. In a sauna, Ayumi talks to the audience a bit, and her towel falls off. Later, Rodan shows up with Dante as a magical girl because one of the CDs had magical girl anime songs.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Moe did not appear in chapter 100 that covers the first story of the episode.
  • Since the chapter started differently in the classroom, Chuma and Teppei only appeared in the manga. Moe points to Kuroda for the Sket Dan members. Compared to the anime, it is Ayumi who did it.
  • Ayumi's sauna scene only appeared in the anime.