Genesis World Grand Prix, Part 2

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Kanji ジェネシス・ワールド・グランプリ 後編
Romaji Jenesisu waarudo guranpuri kōhen
Volume 14
Anime Episode 49
Bossun, Hime, Switch, Chiaki Takahashi, Kunio Yamanobe, Joanna MacDonald


The tournament starts with the Prince giving a few words, the prizes, and a singer giving the crowd some entertainment. As the first round begins, Sket Dan is facing off Team Wyoming. Chiaki gets confused during the war dance and the game. Joanna calls her a berry and uses a bunch of jargon. The Sket Dance gets a montage where it ends with Sket Dance facing the MPRun Chipepesbu Kingdom. Chiaki takes control of the team as she changes their strategy which leaves Bossun shock a bit. Her team wins the tournament. The prince tries to marry Chiaki since the golden lion brooch is an engagement gift. However, Chiaki stops him.

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