Genesis (ジェネシス, Jeneshisu) is a ball game technically considered to be a pretend sport. It utilizes flippers, a volleyball, and barbed hand-held nets called "morning stars." The offense is called "Attackers" and the defense is called "Defencists." A tournament known as the Genesis World Grand Prix takes place every four years, the defending champions of which are from East Chupeel.


The game's origins are a mystery, but it can be traced back to certain ancient Chinese wall paintings. Originally based on the concept of long-legged demons throwing small stones at each other, the imagination of the people at the time transformed it and it eventually developed into a sport. However, due to the insular nature of the society and the way traditions were passed down, the game failed to spread widely enough to be recognized as a true sport. There are four generals responsible for spreading Genesis across the world: Master Huang in Asia, Reverend Brown in America, Lord White in Europe and Chief Green-Green in Africa.

Game Terminology

The Sket Dan performing the pre-game dance

  • Break: The Defencist doesn't catch the ball and it hits part of their body. The Attacker gets one point.
  • Gimmea Break: A Break happens twice in a row.
  • Breakthrough: The Defencist doesn't catch the ball, but it doesn't hit their body. Neither side gets points.
  • Read Air: Three Breakthroughs in a row. At this point, the Attacker has no choice but to hit the Defencist with the ball, so it is theoretically easier for the Defencist to simply catch the ball.
  • Net in or Netting: The Defencist catches the ball with his morning star. If the morning star's tail is touching the ground, the Defencist gets one point. If not, they get two.
  • Flip or Flop?: Used during the pre-game coin toss, it most likely means "heads or tails" and determines who will be the Attacker and who the Defencist.
  • Slow Life: Starts a match.
  • Slowning Life: Restarts a match.
  • Hunperand: "It's nothing."
  • Beri: "Beginner."
  • Pritz: "I refuse."
  • Suspender: "I understand."

Scoring System

The scoring system is similar to that of tennis, but counts with units of seven. The first person to reach 7 points (Geneva) wins, and the first to two games wins the match.

  • 0: Love
  • 7: Loven
  • 14: Love Generation
  • 21: My Generation
  • 28: Generation Gap
  • 35: General Generator Generation
  • 42: Geneva

Known Teams

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