General Affairs Manager Katou Kiri

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Kanji 庶務加藤希里
Romaji Shomu Katō Kiri
Volume 20
Anime Episode 76
Tsubaki, Daisy, Mimori, Usami, Kiri Katou, Bossun (cameo)


Having gained respect for Tsubaki, Katou decides to dedicate himself to serving Tsubaki (as a ninja serves his 'lord/master'). However, his cold behaviour towards the other council members causes a few disputes until Tsubaki 'orders' him to make friends wuth them. hen Daisy/Asahina displays doubt that he is a ninja, Katou demonstrates many of his 'ninja' skills including smoke and paperscreening (which she comments as cliche but convincing enough).

Katou's servile manner, while irritating, shows his desire to help others. This is further strengthened when Katou asks what exactly his council position entails - supporting anyone in need - although Katou's definition of support is too do everything and anything that needs doing. The chapter end on the thought that Katou's attitude from a sense of 'justice' to 'duty'


  • Bossun breaks the 4th wall commenting that he felt like he'd been reduced to a passerby in the chapter.