'hyped' games club

The Games Club is a club at Kaimei High School. It first mentioned at Chapter 240. Games Club activities are playing games which Kunio Yamanobe sensei teaches. Most of it games are taught from master Master Won such as Hyperion, Genesis and Special Mariko Broken

The Game Clubs official name is CSG Club - Creative Soul Games Club.


2 months before Kunio visited the Sket Dan to recruit new members, he had to make flyers to recruit new members and wasn't able to get anyone.

With the Sket Dan's help, the club has 3 freshmen: Sakurai Masaru (a delinquent),  Mizoguchi Hideki (an otaku), and Inuzuka Kiyoshi (a free-man).

It was rejected multiple times due to the obscurity of many of the games and their similarities to other clubs ("already a sports club, board games club and the Council doesn't endorse video games clubs").

In the end, Student Council's Daisy allows the Games Club to be formed after being partially bribed by Kiyoshi using Marionneer Mania collectables (his father is the producer of MM).


  • Kunio Yamanobe - Faculty Advisor
  • Sakurai Masaru
  • Mizoguchi Hideki
  • Inuzuka Kiyoshi


  • The initials CSG (Cu-Su-Gee) phonically sounds like 'Kusoge' which means 'Rubbish to play' - a reference to the true nature of the games played at the club