Futari wa Nervous! (2人はナーバス!, Futari wa naabasu!) is an anime franchise directed by Arashi Suemasu which is based off the Pretty Cure series. It is targeted at preteen girls, but is essentially part of the superhero genre. Despite the fact that the pre-transformation drama content accounts for about 90% of the show, due to the high quality of its action scenes, it has received wide acclaim and popularity.


The storyline centers on how the two protagonists manage to defeat the mysterious villain despite their many personal anxieties.

Known Characters


  • In chapter 3, Otakura receives a box containing limited-edition figurines of the protagonists' ultimate forms.
  • In chapter 20, Switch has a limited-edition special DVD box set which contains bonus interviews with the series' seiyū.
  • In episode 8, Switch has a Blu-ray set of the series.
  • Several posters of the protagonists can be seen outside the classroom where Otakura stands in chapter 3.
  • During an eyecatch for episode 14, Bossun can be seen reading a Futari wa Nervous! manga. In the same eyecatch, multiple figurine variations of the lead characters can be seen around the clubroom.
  • An article on the series appears in a magazine in episode 14, with Marriage and Maternity Blue on the cover.
  • In episode 55, Bossun makes (unofficial) origami versions of the series' protagonists.
  • In episode 57, Switch has a Futari wa Nervous! wallscroll.


  • There is a slight discrepancy in the anime concerning the series' broadcast time. Though in episode 8 Switch states it airs at 7 PM prime-time (the same as in the manga), a poster in episode 5 states that it airs at 8:30 AM on Sundays.
  • The opening theme, which features scenes of the protagonists, has lyrics very similar to the first portion of DANZEN! Futari wa Precure, the opening for Futari wa Pretty Cure!. The lyrics themselves are a series of repetitions of the word "nervous" followed by a jingling interlude.
  • The seiyū for Marriage and Maternity Blue have also voiced characters in the Pretty Cure franchise.


No! Nervous 5

When Momoka goes to her seiyū audition in chapter 20, it is revealed that a second series exists in the franchise, titled No! Nervous 5. The series is a reference to Yes! Precure 5, and the appearance of the protagonists' leader in both is nearly identical.

Yonin wa Nervous!


Chapter 192 reveals another spinoff series, titled Yonin wa Nervous! (4人はナーバス!, Yonin wa naabasu!). Like the title indicates, it has four main characters - one of which has pigtails and is named "Something Blue" (サムシング・ブルー). Since two of the characters from the series resemble those from the original Futari wa Nervous!, it may be either a direct sequel or a reference to Pretty Cure Splash★Star (whose protagonists greatly resemble those from the original Pretty Cure).


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