Funzō Takemitsu
武光 奮蔵
Takemitsu Funzō
Birthday February 4
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 173 cm.
Weight 68 kg.
Occupation Actor
Relatives Shinzō Takemitsu (son)
Shinpei Takemitsu (son)
Manga Debut Chapter 29
Anime Debut Episode 12
Seiyū Katsuji Mori

Funzō Takemitsu (武光 奮蔵, Takemitsu Funzō is Shinzō and Shinpei's father. Though an actor, he generally only has roles as an extra in period dramas. He taught Shinzō the Takemitsu-style of sword techniques. His personality is seen to be the same as his son, Shinzo, when he was talking to Bossun, he sarted thanking him and bowing to the groung numerous times for having him take care of his sons, and after that rolling away out the window.

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