Fumi Segawa
瀬川 ふみ
Segawa Fumi
Birthday July 13
Gender Female
Blood Type O
Height 150 cm.
Weight 40 kg.
School Kaimei High School, Class 1-D
Affiliation Manga Club
Anime Debut Episode 34
Seiyū Azumi Yamamoto

Fumi Segawa (瀬川 ふみ, Segawa Fumi) is a first year at Kaimei High School who attends the same Manga Club as Roman and a good friend of Koma Morishita.


Fumi has dark green hair that is short twin braided pigtails, brown eyes and red thin-framed glasses with two large lens.


Fumi is shy and embarrassed whenever it comes to her works especially in her mangas. She idolizes Roman Saotome (when in Big-Shot Mode). She hopes one day that she will be as good as Roman in story writing. 


Roman Saotome

Fumi idolize and respects Roman when Roman does her best to help her kouhai with their drawings. Furthermore, she loves Roman when she is in "serious, writing mode."

Koma Morishita

The two young girls are friends where Fumi is very supportive of Koma in overcoming her shyness and she usually goes to Sket Club to help Koma overcome it.


  • Fumi's surname Segawa means "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa/gawa).
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