Fukkatsuki (復活鬼) is a seemingly otome game whose characters resemble eight from the series Katekyo Hitman REBORN: Tsunayoshi Sawada, Kyouya Hibari, Takeshi Yamamoto, Hayato Gokudera, Bianchi, Kyoko Sasagawa, Tetsuya Kusakabe and Lambo Bovino. The character shown onscreen when Switch plays the game is a red-haired Gowadera ("Gowadera" being the fan-name for a poorly-animated Gokudera from the early episodes of the anime) named Tatsuya Yoshiwara.

Additionally, the positioning of characters on the game's cover is modeled after the package for the PSP port of the game Hakuōki. It even appears to have the same "C" rating.

Naming Sense

The game's name, 復活鬼, is a portmanteau. The first two kanji form the word "fukkatsu", which means resurrection or rebirth. The third kanji is also used at the end of Hakuōki's title and means demon (though the reading used is different from the usual).