Name Fu-Fu- Fūka-chan
Purpose Cool ramen by blowing on it
Manga Debut Chapter 63
Bad Scientist
Anime Debut Episode 27
Together with Oneesan and a Bad Scientist
Creator Switch

Fu-Fu- Fūka-chan (Fu-Fu-風香ちゃん) is an invention of Switch's meant to cool hot ramen. He counts it as one of his "failed inventions." It was originally created for Otakura, but he found it too creepy and declined it. Fu-Fu- Fūka-chan looks like the robotic head of a life-sized female figurine with short red hair and a yellow headband (resembling a mix between Akari Kamigishi from the game To Heart and Shiori Fujisaki from the game Tokimeki Memorial). Unlike the other inventions stored in Switch's "failed invention box," it isn't used as part of the contraption set up to save a boy precariously perched in a tree. It is, however, featured as one of the many characters on the cover of volume 8.