Found the Pixie

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Kanji 妖精見つけた
Romaji Pikushii mitsuketa
Volume 4
Anime Episode 13
Yusuke Fujisaki, Sojiro Agata, Himeko, Switch, Shinzo Takemitsu


Bossun realizes that the only way he can defeat Sōjirō is to memorize the order of the cards. He starts to recall every play, but Agata interrupts him to ask why he formed the Sket Dan. Bossun continues to figure out the order of the cards while Agata keeps talking. He asks about Bossun's past, pointing out that he saved both Himeko and Switch and thus commands their full loyalty, when he himself is really being saved by them. Disturbed by his words, Bossun lashes out - to Agata's satisfaction - before resuming the game, now knowing the location of every card.

The game continues, with both sides calling out each other's lies correctly. Finally, when Agata places his second-to-last card down, Bossun makes the ultimate gamble that it's the Pixie.

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