For the Sake of Creating a Superior Campus

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Kanji より良い学園作りの為に!!
Romaji Yoriyoi gakuen tsukuri no tame ni!!
Air Date September 20, 2012
Manga Chapters 179 and 163
Opening Clear
Ending N/A

For the Sake of Creating a Superior Campus!! is the 76th episode of the Sket Dance Anime.


The first story is about Kiri demonstrating his loyalty to Tsubaki, but Tsubaki's student council feels Kiri is acting more of an errand boy.

Later, the Sket Dan and the student council help Hani overcome her problem with her distaste of men. At first, Himeko and the girls dress as guys, but it doesn't work. Then, Himeko proposes to have Bossun and the rest of guys to cross dress as girls.

Can the Sket Dan crew help Hani overcome her hatred for men?


Bossun sees Kiri and Sasuke walking to school together, and he makes fun of them. Sasuke and Bossun argue for a moment with Himeko and Switch enjoying it. When Bossun remarks that Kiri's relationship with Sasuke is like master and servant, Kiri threatens Bossun to not make fun of Sasuke. In a student council meeting, the girls greet Kiri Kato, but Kiri acts rude towards them. Daisy gets angry at Kiri who only serves Tsubaki. Kiri explains to Daisy and the gang since Tsubaki helped him, he will protects Tsubaki with his life and his ninja powers. Daisy is unimpressed with Kiri and asks him to demonstrate his ninja powers. Suddenly, Kiri activates his smokescreen, and when the smoke clears, they find a three stump. Kiri reveals his hiding spot using camouflage wallpaper. Daisy asks Kiri if he can scrunch himself in a Boston bag. Though, Kiri states he can, but its not ninjutsu.

Then, Tsubaki allows Kiri to do what he wants. When Kiri notices Tsubaki's water bottle is empty, Kiri begs him to let him get green tea. Then, the girls want to him to get their drinks. When Kiri states he only follows Tsubaki's orders, Tsubaki tells Kiri to help them. Mimori and Daisy find their problems with Kiri solved. Out of nowhere, Kiri appears with the drinks, and Tsubaki finds him modest but too inconsiderate. In the meeting, Mimori wants everyone to address Kiri by his first name. Tsubaki feels uncomfortable with calling Kiri by his first name, and Kiri threatens to tie up the girls. Kiri asks Tsubaki what should he do, and Tsubaki replies by revealing his handbook. Tsubaki's words ignite passion in Kiri, and in a montage of scenes, Kiri helps everyone with minor things with speed. Outside of school, they see Kiri helping others and enjoying every moment of it. Kiri spots his team and accompanies them.

Sasuke finds the window broken, and Kiri apologizes for not preventing this. Himeko reprimands Switch and Bossun and makes them apologize. Bunny tells Bossun and Switch to play with her. Sasuke orders Daisy to change Bunny back to Hani. Later, Himeko pets Hani, and Daisy tells Himeko to back off. When Bossun sees Hani wants to fix her hatred for boys, Hani tells Mimori who tells Bossun that guys are useless with some metaphors. Then, Daisy proposes that the girls should dress as guys, and Himeko tells Bossun's group to strip. Kiri flashes Himeko who hits him out of embarrassment. Moments later, Himeko and her group interact with Hani, but Hani feels uncomfortable especially Mimori whose breasts are bouncing. Hani remarks that they look like girls who enjoy wearing boy uniforms.

Suddenly, Himeko asks Bossun's group to cross dress much to the guys' shock. When Tsubaki mentions that they cannot fit the girls' uniform, Mimori has new clothes deliver by helicopter. Moments later, Himeko finds Bossun and Tsubaki cute. She asks Tsubaki to twirl a bit. She has Bossun's group fake a conversation. When Bossun and Switch's acting is very realistic, Hime's group asks them to tone it down, so Hani can jump in. Bossun asks them about marriage and Suiko if he has a boyfriend. He asks Switch about some boyfriend's cellphone, and Himeko finds their conversations like a soap opera. Hani asks them to stop.

Bossun gets an idea and starts the conversation with how men are children no matter how much time has pass. Hani touches Tsubaki without transforming into Bunny. Suddenly, Tsubaki speaks up and congratulate Hani. Then, Hani transform into bunny. Outside of school, Bossun tells Bunny goodbye, and Himeko scolds him for talking to Hani. Hani says something, and Kiri hears her words. He thinks Hani said thanks, but he thinks Hani said something else.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Reverse Order: Kiri's manga chapter takes place after Usami's chapter while the anime flips the order.
  • Beginning Scene Alterations: The anime starts with Bossun making fun of Kiri and Tsubaki's relationship outside of school. That scene was originally an opening scene in chapter 183. The manga version starts with Tsubaki's student council meeting.
  • The anime has an extra dialogue where Daisy asks Kiri if he can fit into a Boston bag.
  • Characters Alterations in Kiri's montage: For the manga, Kiri helps Ayumi, Bossun, an unnamed soccer student, and an unnamed garderner. Whereas in the anime, he helps Roman, Koma, Dante, Kunio, and Sket Dan with their game of catch. Both medium has Chiaki.
  • Kiri did not cross dress in the manga's equivalent chapter. In chapter 189, Kiri and Sasuke cross dress to persuade Usami to give them Valentine's chocolate. Both wear the same outfits that they wore in this episode.
  • In the manga, the Sket Dan's room needs repairing, so they use the student council room as a temporary place to hang out.
  • The anime's second story begins with the window breaking after Bossun throws a ball during the eyecatch scene. Whereas in the manga, they begin it with Bunny who flirts with Tsubaki.
  • In the manga, Hani's farewell scene takes place in the hall ways. Kiri knows what she said but did not told it to anyone.
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