Food Fighter Home Visit

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Kanji フードファイターお宅訪問
Romaji Fūdofaitā otaku hōmon
Air Date September 6, 2012
Manga Chapters 182 and 196
Opening Clear
Ending Sekai wa Okujō de Miwataseta

Food Fighter Home Visit is the 74th episode of the Sket Dance Anime.


Sasuke accidentally broke Bossun's bonus toy car that he won from a candy box. Mimori says her father is collecting something similar so she brings Bossun, Himeko and Sasuke to her home... no, it's a mansion! Wait no, it's a town...

Later, after deciding to stop her high speed 'Captain Munch', Chiaki is challenged by an old foe to a rematch over her 'food fighter' abilities, can she regain her 'Munch' or while Bossun be able to fill in?


1st Story

Bossun plays with his toy car; Sasuke and Mimori happen to walk up to Bossun. Bossun wonders why Sasuke is looking at him with those eyes. While Hime, Daisy, Hani, and Mimori chat among themselves, Bossun and Sasuke bicker. When Sasuke throws the car and it breaks, he offers to pay for it. Bossun tells Sasuke that it will take more than that. Then, Mimori whose breasts are bouncing ridiculously tells Bossun that she has tons of toy cars at her mansion. In front of Mimori's mansion, her butlers greet her, and many others are going over Mimori's friend's stuff. After the door opens, MImori shows them the entrance which is enormous. She takes them to an elevator where she informs them that her house is underground. They arrive to an underground town where Mimori states that this is a home for the servants, all 700 of them. In a carriage, Sasuke asks Mimori how much her family had own in fortune. Mimori replies five quintillion which shocks everyone. Hime asks Mimori how much she earns for allowance, and Mimori replies that she uses a card which the others find out it's a credit card.

Arriving to Mimori's parent's place, Bossun's group are awed at the welcome party that is full of dancers and musicians. Mimori's father introduces himself and asks Bossun why he is here. Bossun and Sasuke bicker over who will talk. Mimori mentions that Bossun is into the same hobby, and Bossun reveals his broken toy car. After being stumped, Mimori's father orders everyone make the toy car. Later, Bossun walks while looking down in despair. He bumps into Switch who states it's the wrong model. When Mimori sees that, she is about to ask her father to make another one, but Sasuke and Bossun tries to tell it's fine. Meanwhile, the ramen guy observes them behind a corner.

2nd Story

While Chiaki eats with the Sket Dan, Bossun compliments on Chiaki's remarkable Cap'n Munch ability. Chiaki starts to feel bad, and Hime beats Bossun. She tries to make Chiaki feel good but to no success. Chiaki states she will not do Cap'n Munch anymore. On the streets, Hime points that Bossun has hurt Chiaki and forced her to eat all those ramen and a boiled egg which made Chiaki vomit long ago. Switch states that the ramen man has closed up shop and start a western style restaurant. The ramen man states he still bears a grudge against Chiaki and states that he has prepare a western meal and that he has the best food fighters. Hime and the others have to accept the ramen man's challenge, and Bossun tells them that he has to do it without involving Chiaki. Though, Chiaki has overheard the Sket Dan.

In Mimori's underground home, the ramen man throws a food fighter challenge where he sees Chiaki gone. The man is not interested in a food fighter who has quit, and Hime is exhausted from her Tsukkomi. When Hime mentions it's a fight between brothers, Sasuke joins in. Bossun and his opponent begin wolfing down the food, and Hime tells everyone that Bossun will not lose. Yet, Bossun cannot eat anymore, and Hime scold Bossun when she did the passionate speech for nothing. Bossun shares a long talk to Hime's group, and Chiaki appears. She apologizes to Bossun for making him wait. The round starts, and Chiaki eats slowly while the brothers are munching fast. Bossun tries to convince Chiaki to use her Cap'n Munch ability. When Chiaki refuses, Bossun coughs up tomato juice.

Suddenly, Chiaki starts eating at a speed faster than the sound barrier. Switch notes it's a new ability, Neo Cap'n Munch. With everyone rooting for Chiaki, she wins the challenge. Later, the ramen man informs Chiaki that he had put a lot of boiled eggs. Chiaki is shocked and vomits. Bossun feels bad about Chiaki as Chiaki plays on the swings by herself.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, the challenge takes place in front of a store while in anime it takes place at Unyuu residence with a live audience.
  • Character Appearances: Unlike the anime, Daisy and Hani didn't appear in both parts of manga chapters. Also, Sasuke and Mimori appear in both parts of the anime, but in the manga, they only appear in chapter 196. Therefore, the scenes with Sasuke, Hani, Daisy, and Mimori in the Food Fighter Home Visit are anime only.
  • The "ramen guy" meet the Sket Dan at a street in manga while they meet at a cafe in anime. Furthermore, Chiaki's location is at the same place with the Sket Dan.
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