Food Fighter Captain

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Kanji フードファイター・キャプテン
Romaji Fūdo faitaa kyaputen
Volume Volume 9
Anime Episode 29
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Ramen Man Chiaki Takahashi


At a ramen shop, Switch and Himeko cheer on Bossun who is eating a big bowl of ramen as part of challenge. If he should lose, he has to pay the owner, 5,000 Yen. Though, Bossun loses the challenge when he cannot eat anymore. Later on, Himeko meets Chiaki, and she invites Chiaki to eat her baked cookies with the sket Dan. A few moments later, the gang finds out that Chiaki has wolfed down all the cookies, and they watch her eat the tea cookies in an instant when Chiaki gives a demonstration. Bossun asks Chiaki if she loves ramen which Chiaki replies yes.

Back at the ramen shop, Chiaki is making great progress as she eats half of the bowl of ramen in three minutes flat. However, Chiaki stops when she spots a boiled egg. To the Sket Dance's surprise, Chiaki hates boiled eggs because she will throw up if she eats it. Bossun and Switch tries to encourage Chiaki to eat it while the ramen shop owner is confident that Chiaki will fail. Bossun tells Chiaki that the boiled egg is like a ball, and Chiaki is determined to eat. However, something awful happens.

Moments later at the park, Hime tells the gang that Chiaki feels ashamed, and Bossun apologizes to Chiaki.

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