Fly! Hōsuke

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Kanji 飛べ!ホウスケ
Romaji Tobe! Hōsuke
Volume Volume 15
Anime Episode 52
Saaya Agata, Bossun, Hime Onizuka, Switch, Hōsuke


Saaya has the Sket Dan crew rescue an abandoned animal which turns to be an owl. They named the owl, Hōsuke. Saaya manages to convince Bossun to keep the owl until it heals its legs. Switch scares his group with facts about how the owl needs to fed mice and chicks and that owls are believed to be bad omens and harbingers of death. However, Hōsuke is rather quite tame as it eats sausages and perches on Bossun's hands and coos like pigeon. Switch proposes to release the owl at night. After Switch and Himeko leave Bossun and Saaya to do it, the owl flies away only to come back with Switch's Madame Familia doll. On the following day, the gang realizes that Hōsuke is here to stay, and that Switch finally traded the doll for the Cynical Stick. Yet, the stick is used as a perching spot for Hōsuke.