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Kanji フレグランス
Romaji Fureguransu
Volume Volume 7
Anime Episode 36
Hime Onizuka, Bossun, Switch


Himeko beats some punks robbing a fellow student. In the process, she breaks her beloved hockey stick, Cyclone. On the following day, she and the Sket Dan crew shop for a new hockey stick. During the shopping, Bossun notices something odd about the new manager and discovers the old one locked up in a locker. Himeko chases after the thief and uses a new hockey stick to beat him. The old manager gives her the hockey stick for free as a reward for Himeko. Himeko and the gang think of a name for the hockey stick. When Switch tells her that Cyclone and Blast all relate to wind, Himeko decides to call her new hockey stick, Kunpuumaru. However, Switch informs her that Fragrance has a double meaning, vicious or having a notorious reputation. This reflects Himeko's Onihime identity.

The three look at the playground, and Hime's past unfolds.

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