Fist and Sword

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Kanji 拳と剣
Romaji Ken to ken
Volume 4
Anime 12
Shinzō Takemitsu, Bossun, Sasuke Tsubaki, Switch, Himeko, Funzō Takemitsu, Roman Saotome, Takaaki Uchida, Nitta, Michiru Shinba, Sōjirō Agata, Kikuno Asahina, Mimori Unyū


As Shinzō spaces out, he hears Tsubaki taunting him for being a fake samurai. He realizes that he has always wanted to pay back the Sket Dan for their help and remembers his father's words that a samurai fights with everything on the line. He then snaps back to reality and breaks one of his own balls. He tells the confused audience that he is a true samurai and only ever had one life at stake.

Tsubaki takes back his earlier insults, and the two agree to fight. Shinzō draws his sword and in one stroke, breaks all four of Tsubaki's remaining balls.

Having used too much energy, Shinzō faints while the others praise him. Sōjirō comforts Tsubaki while the next match is prepared. With Switch as their next competitor, Himeko and Bossun recall based on their past experience that he has terrible aim. He verifies their concerns, but tells them to leave things to him regardless.

The next game is: Shooting Gangster with Switch vs. Daisy.