Finding Pelorin

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Kanji ファンディング・ペロリン
Romaji Fuandeingu perorin
Volume 2
Anime 4
Himeko, Bossun, Mitsuru Jōgasaki, Switch, Captain, Captain's younger brother


There's a contest going on where certain Pelollipop wrappers have a ticket to win a Pelorin doll, which Himeko is determined to get. Elsewhere, Chiaki trips over Jōgasaki, who falls in love with her and muses that this must be his lucky day.

Chiaki then appears at the Sket Dan's clubroom, asking them to help her find her winning Pelollipop wrapper. Bossun and Himeko get into a fight, as Bossun is unenthusiastic about the request. Chiaki reveals that the doll is for her brother, who wants it because its expression resembles that of their late mother. Both siblings had worked hard to get used to the flavors and finally found a winning ticket. In tears, the Sket Dan agree to the request. Meanwhile, Jōgasaki finds the ticket when the wind blows it into his face.

The Sket Dan and Chiaki stumble across Jōgasaki, who ends up agreeing to help search after Chiaki asks. He realizes that the paper he found was the ticket and is about to give it back when Switch mentions that the prize is worth nearly 100,000 yen. Jōgasaki then threatens to burn the ticket and requests that Himeko kneel in front of him to get it back. Bossun orders her to do it, telling her to trust him, then shoots a Pelollipop into Jōgasaki's mouth while the latter is busy laughing.

Back in the clubroom, Chiaki tells the Sket Dan that she found the winning ticket in her bag and apologizes for the trouble. A giddy Himeko asks if she can keep the ticket they found, and Bossun tells her to do as she likes.

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