Figure Doll Painting

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Kanji フィギュアドール・ペインティング,
Romaji Fuigyua dōru peinteingu
Volume 22
Anime N/A
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Midori Hagiwara, Sousaku Hitokata

Switch is showing his new models that he bought including a rare 'Something Blue' model that he bought as a finished product off a Garage Kit Model Maker. While looking at a model Bossun made, Himeko looks at the model wondering what the big deal is and she accidently chips some of the paint. Once Switch is gone she enlists Bossun's help to cover up her mistake. Because the paint was black, Bossun attempts so hide the chip with an oil marker, unfortunately as he finishes he sneezes (after ironically telling Himeko not too) and the marker drips a spot on the model's head. In a panic Himeko pours Nail Varnish Remover to remove the stop but ruins the paint on the rest of the head.

After this mess, they decide to take it to someone more experienced - the Figurine Club - where, after hearing what had happened, the club leader submerges the figure in thinner to remove all the paint much to the others horror. Hearing that it would take several days for the club to repaint it, Bossun (being artistic and having some experience of model making) takes it home and overnight repaints it.

Unfortunately, even after finishing it, on the way home to return it to Switch, Himeko drops the model and it rolls into the road where it is crushed, leaving Bossun with the conclusion that he'll have to make it from scratch...

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